Mobility Scooters & Wheelchairs

Choosing the right wheelchair or mobility scooter can be bewildering, with so many options to choose from. More important are the things we need to think about to ensure the user of the scooter or wheelchair is well supported and comfortable; that the device enables their independence.

That’s where OTRS comes in; we offer a needs assessment service to help you find the right fit.

There are several things to consider, including:

  • How far you want to travel
  • Will you be using it for indoor or outdoor travel?
  • Do you need to navigate curbs or steep hills?
  • Are you planning to drive on roads?
  • Will your home restrict the device you can use?
  • Will you need to transport your mobility scooter or wheelchair? How portable is it?
  • Will you want to carry stuff?
  • Does it support your posture?
  • Will the scooter or wheelchair be comfortable for your body? Eg. If you have difficulty sitting upright, stability will be a high priority for you, making a 4-wheel scooter a good choice. Or if you have long legs, a 3-wheel scooter may be a better fit.
  • Pressure relief
  • Manoeuverability – how easy is it to steer or get moving?
  • Durability – will it last?

Please get in touch for some assistance on choosing the right fit for you: our team know exactly what to look for, what’s on the market and what might be the best solution for any disability.

Call us today on 0800 687 748 to talk about your mobility requirements or complete our referral form.